Meet Stevie Laney

Stevie Laney is a Philadelphia muralist, painter, and volunteer, who you can find helming the registers at the Philly AIDS Thrift. Visitors may recognize her Grace Jones mural, which she recently completed in-store. She has also painted the exteriors of a number of storefronts in and around Queen Village, including Gerber Accounting & Tax Services, and the South Street Art Mart, where she works full-time.

Laney has also, of late, added “publisher” to her extensive CV. She has recently launched Very, a glossy magazine of erotic art, which she hopes will offer an outlet for artists exploring the full range of that most enticing subject: the good ol’ human form. We talked to Laney about falling in love with Philly AIDS Thrift, narrowly avoiding an Instagram ban, and creating a new forum of erotic art in Philly.

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