Getting to know you…

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you!



Name: Paul

How long have you been volunteering at Philly AIDS Thrift?

Two months and I really enjoy it.

Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?

I’m a hunter… I like the thrill of the hunt.

We finish the interview and you step outside the office and find a lottery ticket that ends up winning $10 million dollars, what would you do?

I’d donate half of it to Philly AIDS Thrift, then I’d pay someone to paint my portrait and hang it in Christina’s office and finally, take a vacation somewhere.

What was your best purchase at Philly AIDS Thrift?

Dinosaurs that I use as art, a bike seat, a backpack for biking, and a Flyers banner.

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?

I’d be a leopard/black panther from Jungle book. They are stealthy and climb trees.


Who’s your favorite band: Rise Against

What are you known for?

Making people laugh!

What’s your favorite food?

(slight pause)… mashed potatoes

What do you do in your free time?

I play basketball, ride my bike and read books.

51Z0nLAfLmL._SY346_What’s the last book you read: The Alchemist

What’s your favorite thing about volunteering at Philly AIDS Thrift?

Working with the other people who work here…  Plus, it’s therapeutic organizing “stuff”.