Getting to know you…

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you!

Name: Anna Marie

Do you shop, donate or volunteer?

Shop, volunteer AND donate!

How long have you been volunteering with Philly AIDS Thrift?

Two years…just over.

What’s your favorite thing you bought


Probably a pot, a

plant pot or something.

What was special about it?

Maybe the details. Maybe that it was old. And also probably a piece of jewelry, like sterling silver.

What keeps you coming back to our store?

Well I love the people, I love the place and I love the commotion and I love to be moving and busy. Yeah, I like it because that’s what this place is about.

Yeah, you look like you’re always busy.

Fast! I’m fast!

What’s the #1 top played song on your iPod?

I don’t have an iPod, but if I were going to play it, it would be Pharrell Williams’ Happy from Despicably Me 2.

Oh, I didn’t see that movie. Was it good?

I didn’t see the movie but I saw [Pharrell Williams] on Jimmy Kimmel two weeks ago. I’m in love!

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Maybe like a butter almond. No…butter pecan.

How do you pass these long, summer days?

Shopping at Philly AIDS Thrift!

Where it’s refreshingly air-conditioned! haha. Do you believe there are aliens out there?

I actually did a video on Do you believe in aliens? when I was at Temple. I went all around the city asking people questions. Do I believe in them? Probably based on interviewing people on that exact question, yes.

What did you go to school for?

Radio, television and film. School of Communications and Technology (SCAT) at Temple University.

And are you doing something with that now?

I slum! haha. And I work at Cohen & Cohen Hardware, my beautiful store. We’re at 615 E Passyunk Ave and we sell hardware and
have been a family run business for a hundred years so come on down and see us, we make the best keys
in town!