Thrift-y Philly Woman Came for the Deals, Ends Up a Raffle Winner

Raffle winner Sarah poses with her favorite model at the store

New West Philly resident Sarah S. started shopping at Philly AIDS Thrift soon after moving from Maine last April. But she never dreamed that she’d ever come away with free airline tickets.

“It’s a unique shopping experience,” says Sarah, a jewelry designer. “Even my fiancé, who has a giant aversion to shopping, enjoys coming in here. It’s definitely quirky.”

While we were running our “Two Tickets to Paradise” raffle, with two round-trip tickets to anywhere generously donated by Southwest Airlines,

Sarah and her fiancé had just bought a bunch of books for $8, and decided to buy a handful of raffle tickets on a whim.

“I never buy raffle tickets. But it was for a good cause and I had some money on me,” she says.

Good thing too – Sarah’s donation to Philadelphians living with HIV/AIDS netted her the grand prize, which she and her fiancé are planning to use for a trip to Austin, Texas, which was on her “top 5 list” of places to move to from Maine.

“I’ve always wanted to go there,” says Sarah. “But I love Philly.”