The PGN is a twitter about Elixir

The PGN is a twitter about the Elixir event tomorrow night. In their latest piece (which you can read here), they interviewed Philly AIDS Thrift’s own Christina Kallas-Saritsoglou about her award.

[Mazzoni Center executive director Nurit] Shein said 2013 Ally awardee Kallas-Saritsoglou has been a pioneer in HIV/AIDS work and has helped raise funds for a number of HIV/AIDS organizations.

“If it weren’t for her work, many of our organizations during tight times would not have been able to make it,” Shein said. “She is truly an ally to the community.”
Kallas-Saritsoglou said the award was unexpected, yet appreciated.

“I love what I do so much, I can’t imagine getting an award,” she said. “I was so taken by receiving an award. It is an honor to receive it from an organization that I respect so much. The work that the Mazzoni Center does is incredible, so to be recognized for the things that I have done is flattering.”